An active functional class that suits all skill levels. During 45 minutes you will alternate between the punching bag and free weights. The trainer will show simple combinations on the bag - this will be your cardio. This block will be followed by a strength and terrain block with sports equipment on the floor. These blocks will alternate with each other.

Thanks to this training structure, muscles are activated faster, but fatigue more slowly. You will work your arms, shoulders, abs, back and legs. 45 minutes of work in a dark space filled with music and incredible energy. Just you and your punching bag

Suitable for all skill levels.


- If this is your first time, we recommend arriving 15 minutes before the start to get instructions and recommendations from the coach.

- Don't be late! After class starts, you can't enter the room. Firstly, you can get hurt if you don't stretch and warm up. Secondly, thanks to light, music and work of the instructors we create a special atmosphere at our classes. It would be unfair to other guests to deprive them of this cool experience.

- We recommend a light carb snack to keep you energized and show your best!

- Take a water bottle with you. In our changing room, you’ll find delicious filtered drinking water.

- In the changing room you'll find a free small face towel.

light intensity
medium intensity