Flow Stretching

FLOW Functional Stretching - unique class by Ivan Tarasyuk

These are many dynamic movements that are interconnected in a flow. They stretch and at the same time tense the muscles, improve the body's functionality and add relief to the muscles.

In training, there are dynamic bars that engage the muscles of the cortex. Exercises flow into each other, forcing you to move gracefully and functionally.

Improves joint mobility and adds muscle strength, flexibility, and stability. After training, the body is taut and flexible at the same time.


If this is your first time at a training session, you should definitely arrive 15 minutes before the start to get a briefing.
Be sure to bring a water bottle with you. In our dressing room you will be able to collect delicious filtered drinking water.
Don't be late! After the start of training, we do not let you into the gym. You can be injured if you don't stretch and warm up. And it would be unfair to disturb the atmosphere of the class set up by the coach.
You can purchase glove pads and boxing gloves at the reception. We also have free cue balls and boxing gloves in the gym.
We recommend a light carbohydrate snack to keep you energized and beat everyone in your workout.
In the changing room you can borrow a free small face towel.
During the workout, our trainers take stories so that you can be proud of yourself afterwards. Because if you didn’t take a photo or video at a workout, then consider that you weren’t there   😁

If you do not want the trainer to film or tag you in stories, please let him know in advance.